Trend in times Editorial Policy

We take great delight in the quality of the content created by us and are very particular about the content presented on our website and. To ensure regularly good quality of content, we have developed rigid editorial guidelines, key features are mentioned below:

  1. Sourcing from multiple sources:
  2. We verify the facts stated in each article from at least three sources thereby ensuring their accuracy.
  3. Our creators read several articles combine the common facts and then format original content for every post.
  4. This practice of sourcing from multiple articles helps ensure that our content is not biased from one view.
  5. Multiple coating of review:
  6. We make sure that every update goes through multiple layers of review. We check plagiarism, grammar, language.
  7. At the second layer of review, this is ensured that all the guidelines are met.
  8. We take plagiarism seriously:
  9. We try our best to have the least percentage of plagiarism.
  10. We use anti-plagiarism software so that we can get an exact view of the content.
  11. Respecting other’s IP:
  12. We ensure that images used for our every post are either based on open-source material or used based on a specific license.
  13. Consistency in pattern and language: A. In order to ensure consistency in language on our every post and the pattern in which they are written, we ensure that they all follow grammar styles which are provided to the content writer by regulated guidelines.