A good farmer is nothing more nor less than a handy man with a sense of humus

“Parents doctors but son quits jobs and started farming, earning Rs 10 lakh a year, employing a dozen people”


Shocking but wow what positive news!

Jamin, 36, has done engineering in computer science, he worked in a company for about 7 years. Today they are growing more than a dozen fruits and vegetables in their farms in an organic way, they have customers in 4-5 states.

Jaimin Patel, a resident of Kavitha village in Bharuch district of Gujarat, completed his engineering with computer science. He worked in a private company for approx 7 years as a senior manager. He belonged from well educated at home as both parents were government doctors. Everything was going well then drastic change came into his life and he became a farmer, a celebrity farmer even known by many states as a farmer.

Today they are growing more than a dozen fruits and vegetables organically in their fields. They have customers in 4-5 states, they are earning 8-10 lakh rupees every year.

A good farmer is nothing more nor less than a handy man with a sense of humus

36 years old, Jamin said I had no prior attachment to farming. The land was not perfect for agriculture, I did not even know about some farms. I used to go to the village only on occasion.

As per his statement, one of his friends was working on the Polyhouse project. He forced to work together on this project. But he was not interested in the beginning as his job was on the perfect track. Then his friend insisted a lot, then went to see Polyhouse. And from here his journey of farming got started.

In 2012, he got mentally prepared for farming but his friend backed out. Since he himself had done the research, learned farming tricks and techniques, he got more interested in farming. He shared his mindset with parents and they welcomed the decision and gave him courage.

Started farming by buying some land. He started his cultivation with seedless cucumber and color capsicum. And from the first time, the only response was damn good.

Then in August 2012, Jamin quit the job and became a full-fledged farmer. He bought more farms with his uncle. Now they are doing organic and semi-organic farming on 15 acres of land, they are growing crops like sugarcane, tur dal, cotton, moong, watermelon, tomato, capsicum, green onion, spinach, coriander. In 2012,  Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi honored him.

Along with Jaimin, 10 more people are employed, who help them in farming. With this, more than 200 farmers are directly connected to him. They get information about farming and also help in buying and selling products. They say that we get advance orders even before planting crops.

Jamin states that farming is a continuous learning process. Every day we should keep learning something new. He still travels 100 days a year, to explore villages, meet different experts, and even visit schools and colleges. He says that if the work of continuous learning and teaching continues, then only you will be able to survive.

This was not less than an inspirational story. How he started his career in the engineering field and landed to ground as a farmer. This was a drastic change for his family and himself too. But the end of the day response is so awesome. And now he is a role-model for many Indians.

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