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We all heard this statement that when there is a will, there is away. Yeah, it feels like bookish words. In real life, things don’t go on the same tangent as books or it feels more like a strawberry world.

But Possibilities are thereafter reading this story you will also start believing in WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY.

JAYANTI who worked in an IT Company left many opportunities to open a RESTAURANT. She stayed in many foreign countries during her job time. The biggest problem faced by her husband and her was that they could not find their favorite food easily.

Most of the places were of non-vegetarian food, which her husbands did not eat. Even when they shifted to Bengaluru, they missed their Marathi food. The shortage of the food market was recognized by the couple and then the story of the formation of the full-fledged Brahman, which today has 14 branches in the country and abroad.

“In the IT field, she started her career in 2000. Was in Australia from 2006 to 2008. Her husband Pranav also worked in the IT company. During the job, she went to about 12 to 13 countries, everywhere she lacked vegetarian Marathi food. In many places, there was only a nonveg option, she was able to have her meal, but her husband could not eat at all. He used to eat fast food and salads.

When they shifted back to Bengaluru from Australia they enjoyed south Indian foods for 3-4 months but again they start missing Marathi food. So she started her research work by visiting different restaurants. Then she made a list of those dishes which were not available in any restaurant. Then she observed some places only have 2-3 dishes for children.

At the same, she started testing different places. She prepared the menu. International food brands also had researched. 700 recipes, out of which 180 were to start with recipes but finance was indeed needed.

Luckily she got help from her two friends and all three of them started a restaurant from a total of Rs 6-6 lakh to Rs 18 lakh. She trained cooks by herself.

She made it the rule restaurant that those who will finish the whole food will get a 5% discount and the one who wastes it has to pay 2% extra.  They started the restaurant in the rented building and got such a good response in the early 8 months that the place had to change. Had to take a big place.

They also started branches in Australia and the US. The main goal was to get the Indians living there to get tasty Indian food. Now they have 14 branches and full-fledged Brahmin has become a company.

They also give franchisees. In a lockdown, they did such a kind-hearted thing. They distributed free food to one lakh people in Karnataka and gave food at discounts from every branch. The purpose was not to starve anyone.

Wow !! They were facing issues to get their happy meal and they landed with 14 branches worldwide. And not only this they helped needy people in lockdown when the whole world was in huge trouble.

I hope now you will also start believing in WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY.

Starting a restaurant with no money and reaching such a level. It’s just because of their will to achieve something and providing a good meal world wide.

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