After effects of drinking tea in high quantity

Tea is crush, tea is love, tea is an emotion, tea is to die heart feeling and partner which stands by the side to take rest from hectic schedules. Share the above line with tea lovers, they will start imagining the pink world. Right from celebrations to sorrows, for a tea lover, the only constant in this world is the love of tea!

If you are not a tea lover then these words will give you a point to laugh but true tea lovers can find their happiness in this.

Well, sit back for a minute and think too much of anything can be harmful to health. Here are some reasons due to which you must decrease the quantity of tea intake on daily basis.

After effects of drinking tea in high quantity

World’s most loved beverage

Tea is one of the world’s most loved beverages. The choice of tea and kind of tea varies from person to person and region to region. Right from strong and high sugar chai to diet tea. Everyone is used to this. It’s amazing to know that each variant of tea is enriched with the goodness of nature and is loaded with umpteen health benefits, but again we should never forget that too much of anything can hamper health too and the same goes with tea.

If you are addicted to tea, then these facts can scare you. But must read to reduce your tea intake.

Sleep disorders

Lack of good and sound sleep can be due to a high intake of tea. The presence of caffeine in tea can hamper the sleep cycle. Caffeine interferes with the melatonin hormone can harm the sleep pattern. As a result, there can be restlessness and uneasiness. Not even this you can get many health diseases too.

Increased restlessness

Many people grab a cup of tea to reduce the stress and take a break from hectic lives, but this habit can actually aggravate the stress and anxiety individuals go through. Caffeine consumption can gift your restlessness. So it’s better to reduce tea intake and replace regular tea with health variants like chamomile, white tea, or green tea.

Heartburn and discomfort

Tea makes you uneasy and uncomfortable! This is just due to the presence of caffeine in tea. Which aggravates the acid formation in the stomach leading to heartburn, bloating, and uneasiness. Even, it can cause acid reflux in the body.


Drinking tea, especially milk-based tea can make anyone feel nauseated, this is just because of the presence of tannins, which irritates the digestive tissue and leads to bloating, discomfort, stomach ache.

Pregnancy complications

High consumption of tea is harmful to the mother as well as the baby. Increased consumption of caffeine can increase the risk of complications. This is the only reason that doctors advise us to go for caffeine-free tea or herbal tea during pregnancy to avoid complications.

Low nutrient-absorption

A high intake of caffeine can affect digestion and even reduce the absorption of nutrition. Tea has a component known as tannin, which hampers the absorption of iron from the food we eat! This is the major reason why you should drink tea between meals and not with meals.


High intake of tea or any source of caffeine can not only increase dependency on tea or we can say on caffeine but at the same time, it also leads to discomfort and headaches.

This condition is aggravated during intermittent fasting.

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