Cosmetics are not a Quick fix

Cosmetics are not a Quick fix. Choose them with care. These days we can observe the market is flooded with an excess of cosmetic brands and every brand is promising that their product is “THE BEST”. In such a cumbersome situation consumer gets confused for a good and bad choice. As a result, they end up with any random pick up and leave. Skin specialists advice to take proper consultations before using any product. Here you can find some experts in this industry :

Dr Siddhi Tiwari, Dermatologist
As per Dr Siddhi, Cosmetics, OTC products and home remedies are various options available for skin care, pampering and grooming and they are easily available to individuals for use at home. These products can provide major support to maintain skin tone, texture, hydration, photo-protection, camouflage etc.

The choice of these products depends largely on individual skin type and external and environmental factors. Specific skin conditions like pigmentation, ageing skin and other dermatological ailments need treatment with directions of pharmaceutical agents recommended by a dermatologist for their therapeutic effect.

Products should never be self-prescribed or should never buy without a doctor’s supervision. As you never know which product can harm you.  And which product can give you life long punishment? Home remedies like use of honey, lemon, aloevera , curd face packs, Multani mitti, besan, fruit pulps etc serve as the best option for instant revitalising of the skin, achieving exfoliation and glow and without any side effects. These remedies are easily available in our kitchens, easy to use, safe and effective but yes you can say results are for the short term.

Kanika Aggarwal, Co-founder, Satvik Spirit
As per her opinion, one can surely buy products over the counter. But, we need to be more careful about the ingredients present in them. Like for shampoos, generally see that they are SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free as it can cause irritation to the eyes and skin. For oils, prefer natural oils or cold-pressed oils, especially during winter. Also, make sure they are free from mineral oil. People with sensitive skin should never be uncertain for their decisions about the product. So it’s better to avoid using artificial fragrances as these can cause rashes and allergies.



Mahima Gupta, Founder, Bhu Botanicals
As per her words, one should look for the products that are available online and that must contain Sea Buckthorn Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, French Rose Clay, Hyaluronic Acid titanium Oxide & Zinc Oxide, Immortelle oil, Niacinamide, Kokum butter. French Rose Clay that hold great benefits for the skin. Rosehip seeds are extremely beneficial for the skin around the eyes. Opt for the products that are soap-free, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. While consuming skin care products, one shall not only look for products that provide external glow but also nourish your skin.

Amrita Alexander, Founder, Auravedic
As per Amrita Alexander, when finding your skin care products, the basic thing to look for is the ingredient information. Opt for clean ingredients that are free of toxins, parabens and sulphates. Also, this is clear that one size does not fit all. Find the best product that will suit your skin type and address your skin concerns. While there is nothing wrong with OTC skincare products per se, they may not provide targeted solutions.

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