Major side effects for using phone in toilet

Due to your phone, you will observe that you are spending more time in the toilet than required. One must be sitting on the toilet for as long as you have an actual urge, says Dr. Zaghiyan: “If a bowel movement is not produced after a couple of minutes on the john, don’t force it. Instead, get up and go do something else. When you have the urge to go again, you may return to the toilet.”

You should spend a maximum15 of minutes pooping. Avoid sitting and straining for long periods of time in the toilet. If you get distracted, then you can keep eye on your watch or can set a timer so you’ll know when to get up and move on if nothing has moved, so to speak.

You can even find the major side effects of using a phone in the toilet.

1. Using a phone in the toilet? Why you must stop

Pooping is becoming more famous for sharing memes and tagging friends at different posts. Doing all the pending work of the phone and reverting back to all pending chats is like a trend these days. But could you even imagine how harmful it is for you ??

Our father and forefathers used to take newspapers in the toilet. But as time is passing this trend is getting damn old fashioned that no one is following this these days.

2. Carrying phone to toilets makes washing hands worthless!

Carrying a phone to the toilet while pooping makes washing your hands totally worthless. It’s like you transfer germs and bacteria from your hands to the phone and then wash your hands. After that again you catch germs and bacteria.

3. Contamination more severe in public toilets

When you are using public toilets or toilets of your workplace then you just expose yourself to various kinds of bacteria. And when you are outside then the chances of carrying a phone to the toilets are higher. And it means gifting yourself more germs and bacteria.

4 . Toothbrush and towel can become breeding sites for bacteria

Not even your Mobile phones but all those things which you keep near to you while pooping is a hub to increase bacteria and diseases.

5. Mobiles are a good spot for bacteria to thrive

A mobile phone is an awesome place for bacteria breeding. As its continuous working provides heat as well as a warm environment to bacteria for their survival. Not even this while eating or after eating you use the phone and provide bacteria with conductive oil which gets stick to your hand.

6. Start taking the daily tabloids again

So rather than carrying a phone to the toilet choose newspapers and magazines. They are a far better option as you won’t re-use them. Or don’t take anything. Just give some space to your mind. And just simply relax while pooping.



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