Impact on children with Busy Parents Schedule
Impact on children with Busy Parents Schedule

Impact on children with Busy Parents Schedule

“ To be in your Children’s memories tomorrow, You have to be in their lives today.” – Barbara Johnson. Parents are the first teachers in a child’s life and play a very crucial role in shaping their adult lives. The way parents speak, behave children do the same.

A child’s character represents their parent’s character. With the arrival of the new family-style where both mother and father are working, this parent-child relationship has also faced both positive and negative impacts. There are more earnings for the parents to spend on their children but less time to invest with their children.

With the growing urban culture and busy schedule of people. It has now become a very common thing for kids to return home, from school and not to find their mom or dad waiting eagerly to hear stories from them. There is hardly any time in the evenings, that would usually be engaged with never-ending stories about their day in school.

Cons of both parents working on the child:

  • Busy parent’s children lack needed support and supervision.
  • A child’s academic performance will surely get hampered.
  • Less bonding with the parents.
  • In a situation where both parents can’t spend time with their kids, then possibilities are there that kids become more rigid and aggressive.
  • Children will also get attracted to bad habits due to peer pressures like addiction to games like PUBG, smoking, drugs, and drinking habits.

Earlier, with there was a joint family system, raising a child was not a difficult task. As there were multiple caregivers for a child apart from the mother. Aunts, uncles, grandparents – everyone used to help in the upbringing of the children in the family. .Nuclear Families suddenly got increased all over the world, leaving working parents with almost no family members to leave their child with. This style of parenting came with its own positives and downfalls. It leads to greater maturity levels and experience that the parents can share with their children but reducing a considerable time that they could have spent with them.

So let’s prioritize family and work both. Both need equal attention.  Although your family and your child need more time.

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