Nepotism : Good or Bad?

What is Nepotism?? Everyone is just shouting this word on Social Handles, Media, even on roads too. But what this really means!! Have you ever got thought over this?

So let’s start from scratch this time. So… Nepotism is favouritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power. It is the lowest form of corruption. In simple words, privileged groups support their familiar people with greater power.

Have You ever observed this, if one family member reaches a high post in any profession? Either is it army or film industry, Government officer or any profession. If one reaches a Good place then all their family members start getting into that. So what is that??? Just sit for a second and think about this. Yes, this is what we call NEPOTISM. Somewhere it gets highlighted and somewhere it doesn’t. But yes this can be said that its common and its in existence from years.

So now the question comes IS IT GOOD OR BAD???


Nepotism can have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, hiring relatives is easier and can lead to higher trust if the relations share a common purpose. Where nepotism becomes problematic is when non-relative employees feel that there is unfair favouritism, and when relatives are hired over more competent non-relatives. This is really very pity that there has been a very least amount of research on nepotism in the workplace.

People tend to believe that there is favouritism whenever a relative is hired, regardless of whether they tolerate nepotism or not. Even when a relative is a qualified person for the job, co-workers tend to believe that it was their family relationship, rather than their qualifications, that got the person the job.

This Impacts to their overall performance and motivation to work hard.

But this is not fair. If one person is in the Professional World then Commitment to work matters a lot and that indeed is needed. Your work will shout about your capabilities and skills.

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